It's a kid eat kid space station - the worst school ever created

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"If you don't like getting pushed around, figure out for yourself what to do about it. But I warn you-murder is strictly against the rules. So is any deliberate injury. I understand there was one attempted murder on the way up here. A broken arm. That kind of thing happens again, somebody ices out. You got it?" (Ender's Game, pg. 40)

What we have here Ladies and Gentlemen, is the principle foundation of Battle School and the subsequent soldiers it produces. Very few rules exist in this place save following orders and those mentioned above. The government wants these kids to grow up hard and fast; the best way to accomplish that goal in a short amount of time is to force them to fend for themselves. Graff's already alienated Ender from the other children, so naturally, they're going to team up against him. Ender's then going to have to defend himself as best as possible, because he's just been told that no one is going to help him besides himself. The other children have just learned that they can hurt another, but only if they employ a strategy that makes the injury look like an accident. That being said...the Battle School considers a broken arm to be an attempted murder? Yes and no. It would certainly be bad publicity if a child died while at Battle School, it would shake the people's blind faith in the government's ability to produce future leaders, but the school also needs to mold said children into hardened strategists and soldiers. The worst part of it is that none of the children at Battle School want to be iced out. It would be seen as a shame. So, you've got no going back and a maelstrom to face ahead of you. Only one thing's for sure in Ender's aspect, he's got one hell of a fight on his hands in times to come.

You may not know it...but they're watching you. Hey, jus' 'cause yer not paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out ta get ya!


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I burst out laughing at the image. Would you happen to be a fan of

Greta Carroll said:

Maddie, I thought it was a bit extreme to say that Ender was “attempting murder” as well. And you make many good points—the fastest way to make kids grow up is to throw them out on their own. There was an episode of Oprah once about older siblings who had to give primary care to their younger siblings and about how much faster they grew up than other kids—it’s the same type of thing. The kids will want to survive no matter what the cost, so stop helping them, and they will either sink or swim. The swimmers will continue on, the sinkers will be “iced,” which as you point out is certainly not something honorable, and therefore the kids avoid it like the plague. The government really has it figured out how to control these kids, and it’s a no win situation for them.

Erica Gearhart said:

Maddie and Greta, I agree with many of your points; however I must also point out that the government in Ender's Game, and if I know anything about Oprah, her as well, considered the fact that children growing up fast is not a good thing. There were many times throughout the first few chapters where some member of the government or someone at the school said that what they were doing was messing up the kids, and apparently, many had been messed up before. Think of how many times kids fail in situation where they are forced to grow up quickly. If letting them out all on their own was successful, there would be no need for orphanages or foster homes. In fact, there would be no need for school. I think that the government is actually putting them into a very controlled environment where the appearance of aloneness causes them to develop better combat skills. They even have their own "mom" Dap who keeps an eye on all fo the first year boys. This environment is not a nurturing, loving one, but it is one that is specifically designed for educational purposes in order to help the students succeed, even if success is becoming a better child soldier.

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