Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...I Am The Scariest Of All.

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"This game knows too much about me. The game tells filthy lies. I am not Peter. I don't have murder in my heart. And then a worse fear, that he was a killer, only better at it than Peter ever was; that it was this very trait that pleased the teachers. It's killers they need for the bugger wars. It's people who can grind the enemy's face into the dust and spatter their blood all over space. ....I'm your tool, and what difference does it make if I hate the part of me that you most need? What difference does it make that when the little serpents killed me in the game, I agreed with them, and was glad." (Card, Ender's Game, pg. 118-119)

What do you do when you come face to face with the darkest part of your soul, the smudge upon your cleanliness that is so often perceived as evil? Well, that's just what happened to Ender in the mind/computer game. Peter was his personification of Evil, just as Valentine was seen as everything good and fair in life. So logically Ender fell in between the two spectrums, as so many people do. However, when playing this level in the game, he finally comes to grips with the fact that the same darkness that lies within Peter lies within Ender, himself. With his superior intellect and measure of sensitivity, Ender is much more capable at creating more elaborate schemes, battles, and ways in which to use people to his advantage.

Ender knows that those in charge are simply using him, inevitably breaking his ties to Valentine and all that was good to him while seeking to make him into a greater killing machine than Peter ever could be. All the while still being controlled by the higher-ups. Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Ender, he has still managed to hang onto a small piece of his former humanity (at least in terms as before he came to Battle School). Ender is still able to look upon his deeds, strategies and thoughts as something to be detested rather than cheered. Peter no longer has this mentality, if he ever did. Peter feels no remorse for the things that he's done, Ender does, and that is the supreme difference between the two brothers.

Watch out for speeding lasers!!


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1) I feel like Ender because I see my dad as the tough guy and my mom as the compasionate one and me being the one in the direct middle. (Of course my parents aren't as extream as Peter and Valentine, the idea is still there.)

2) Is it weird that my OCD is so bad that I cannot look at the picture you posted because only one line touches the inside and outside...yeah.

Ally Hall said:

I agree with you about the fact that the leaders want to make Ender into someone who can destroy the Buggers, but I don't know if they're trying to make him into a greater killing machine than Peter could be. They said that they rejected Peter because he was one of the deadliest or most dangerous (I can't find the exact quote) boys they had ever come across. I don't think they want him to kill everything he comes in contact with, but they certainly want him to obey.

Kaitlin Monier said:

You bring up an interesting point, I haven't thought of it this way. I hope you've read Harry Potter, or else this might not make sense. Your explanation of the differences between Ender and Peter reminds me of the differences between Harry Potter and Voldemort. While they still have some similar qualities, there is the significant difference of remorse.

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