Round and round the bend we go, to higher education we know!

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Intro: The following is the second portfolio that covers various blogs created by myself based upon readings in my college English class, EL 150: Intro. to Literary Study, as taught by Dr. Jerz at Seton Hill University. Throughout this class I and my classmates have read several different literary works so as to better broaden our horizons in addition to our interpretation of said works.

Coverage: Coverage is one thing that you want when under heavy fire, but in literary works it's especially important. After all, you want to know from what work a certain quote came from as in direct example of the blogs you will soon see. Every blog contains a direct quote, the last name of the author, and the page number located in the book it was mentioned in. Most often the title of the book is also included. Note the blogs below:

Angels at wayside diners and devils walkin' the roads

Serfs work, don't chat, and double-time it from one table to another

Timeliness: having the right timing can be crucial in a tight spot, so what's a blogger to do? Well, often getting your idea out there first makes you stand out and sometimes makes it look like others copied an item off of you if they cover the same thing. Here are a few entries that were posted in advance of the due date:

It's MINE! Ya Hear?! It's ALL MINE!!

Your major's yours, but your major's not you. Get it?

Interaction: No matter who you are, when you speak (or write in my often case) you want to be noticed, heard by those you're speaking to. A measure of that is to see how many comments a blog can attract from the writer's peers, and I have made a great effort at times to succeed in this area. These blogs garnered a good bit of attention:

My Fair Lady - Welshman Style!

Even rocks can float and water monsters mourn small losses in Paradise

Depth: It's alright folks, I'm not talking about ocean depths or any such measurement. I'm talking about the length of a few of my blog entries. They can be short and to the point, but some subjects simply call out to be challenged, explained, or further researched. Those that follow display this:

Riddling Morons Hidden Away in Amphoras! Wait-What?!

It's like posting a thought that everyone can see, complete with visuals!

Discussion: Just as a blogger is often happy to receive comments from peer's, providing a significant and thoughtful comment in a discussion is a welcome occurrence as well. Check out my peer's blogs below to find a few comments that I'd left behind:

Jessie Farine

Stephanie Wytovich

Creativity and those left behind: I'd like to consider myself a pretty creative person, a fact I wish to reflect in my blogs. I've listed below a few blogs of mine that utilize this feature as well as the other blogs that I've written that aren't included in the mentioned criteria above:

Garbage, garbage everywhere and...DON'T TOUCH MY BOOKS WOMAN!

Hear bell. Run to master. Drool uncontrollably.

Would you rather see dead people? or see floating, despondent punctuation marks?

My voices have some pretty good ideas...somehow they all involve foil though.

You see Black, you see White...I see only Gray and the eternal fight.

Now, if you've actually clicked on any of the links above (and read them all of the way through) you've often reached a little sentence or two that has nothing at all to do with the actual blog itself, but does take you back to the website with the original assignment on it. Well just a hint: here's another one!

Since you've done me the favor of reading to the end, I'll get you home quick with a network SEND!

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