Sweep Off Those Stickies for a More Concise Look...This means you.

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"Sally still injects her own opinion, but she is offering specific comments on complex issues, not bumper-sticker slogans and sweeping generalizations, such as those given on the left." (Dr. Dennis Jerz)

As soon as I read this bit in Dr. Jerz's web page on how to correctly write Short Research Papers, I loved it! I realize that people often times seek to tackle a large, controversial topic in their research paper...forgetting that it's supposed to be a short research paper. Perhaps the idea of being a Champion for their version of the Truth appeals to everyone in turn, but that still doesn't mean that you can go off making grand generalizations. When it's all well and done, you need to have facts in order to sufficiently support both your issue as well as your own opinion about said issue. in my opinion, bumper-stickers that you read on passing cars (or Facebook as has no become the norm) are meant to either give you a laugh or tell you what relative state of mind the driver (or web user) has. That being typed...just because someone has it on their car or profile doesn't mean that it's true. If you have the crazy itch to go off, spouting out your own opinions and generalizations without any significant back-up proof, then you're really just asking for someone who does have a bit of proof to come along and blast you right out of the water. Stick to clear, concise evidence, or at least try to put it in layman's terms when dealing with the masses; just make sure that for whatever you say, you've got tangible proof to lay your hands on.

Okie dokie kiddies, I'm just gonna go sit o'er there an read my lovely newspaper, 'kay? You just mill around and wait for the lil'- I mean the fairy folk to come, ya hear? Good kids!


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Greta Carroll said:

You’re right Maddie, proof is essential. It’s kind of like what Dr. Jerz has been telling us all along, there is no right answer, but you have to be able to back up your answer with evidence from the text. As long as you have reasonable proof from the text, you can’t be wrong!

I love the sign at the bottom of your entry, hahaha. But seriously, I really wonder why people try to tackle such general topics in a short research paper. In the end, they are just creating more work for themselves because they will find a billion sources on the subject and they will just drive themselves crazy looking for information and deciding what facts to use. It's kinda like the whole "Keep It Simple Stupid" rule, ya know?

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