They're Shootin' Blanks?!

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Let the games begin:

1. Time comes to all who patiently idle.

2. Waste not those wonders given from above.

3. Rivers pass by great flounders sleek atop.

4. Good and Evil pulse with new harmony.

5. The pendulum, back and forth, swings a tune.

6. Nothing but change sets life in motion loose.

7. Six shooters surround the gunner's hip ends.

8. No rest there be for wicked merchants gay.

9. Rippling ideas settle around my mind.

10. We are the Borg. Resistance is futile.

Ha ha! I've escaped the drones! WHA-?

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I find blank verse will force me to slow down.
Your lines explore the possibilities.

Helm, set a course for Starbase 10. Engage!

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