What was that you just said?!

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Urban Dictionary:

z-bomb:the act of throwing an uppercut and connecting so perfectly that you crush your opponents face and put them to sleep, literally.

What I found on the net: Z-Bomber safety glasses. Complete with varying degrees of shade!

t off: to hit someone first to start a fight.

The net search: Three Smallcaps to 'T" Off - investment advice, though admittedly somewhat strange.

B Dup: 1. a west coast slang for "beat up." 2. a character in GTA: San Andreas

The world wide web revealed: "B Dup," the popular character of the GTA video game mentioned above. That being typed, I can easily envision people using this abbreviated form of the words "beat up" in chat rooms and such. Most speakers (unless they're of the refined and staunch sort) emphasize the "b" sound, drop the sharp "t" at the end, and the rest really does sound like "dup."

Anyone else like and yet somewhat despise the meanings they found on urbandictionary.com?

Warning! Warning! the slang is quickly fragmenting your proper English! Click here to lose them (and maybe yourself)!


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