They're gone, I tell you! GONE!

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"I think in the future, capitalization will disappear," - Professor Sterling

Informal Style of Electronic Messages Is Showing Up in Schoolwork, Study Finds

Alrighty folks, this is it; the moment of truth. I can understand a kid asking why you need to use capitalization and periods together, but an adult not having an answer for it? As soon as I read Sterling's response, I couldn't help but think of how utterly confusing it would be to try and read something with only capitalization or periods. Seems a bit confusing (especially if you only use capitals and no periods!).

I personally have a hard time not utilizing capitals in my text messages and I always include a period, even if I'm only sending a single sentence message. It's like a disease. I simply have to do it. I do prefer to use the shortcuts that is present with text messaging and certain terms with online applications. I believe that these shortcuts are great for when you have to take notes or you only have a few moments to capture a thought of some sort. I strongly discourage myself from using this online way of writing in my schoolwork.

I suppose you could say that I'm a stick in the mud for wanting Capitals to stick around at the beginnings of sentences. Seems like they just make reading easier; knowing exactly when a sentence stops and another begins. However, would I have this preference if I was taught to start my sentences without capitals?

Well, I've asked the to give me an answer? Oh, but before you go haring off, just click the mark below and you'll be magically transported back to EL 236's main page!


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I just sent you this (if it was read out loud) very loud and obnoxious comment and the blog decided to make an error. In short...I agree.

Jed Fetterman said:

I'm a nerd that way too, using puctuation and caps in the few texts that I send. There's a reason why we have those things, and clarity is usually lost when puctuation is ignored.

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