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Progressingly Forward

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I have had little input on immediately changing the Setonian Online. My assistance has so far been limited to making it easier for my classmates to access the files located on the Mac Setonian server. My time has largely been wrapped up in producing the print version of the Setonian.

Aside from commenting on various ideas that could be implemented to make the website more useful and aesthetically pleasing, my ideas for improving online journalism have been tied to making print journalism of better quality. I think that by fixing errors and mistakes in the original version of an article will allow for the online version of it to be more credible.

Busy as a Bee

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The Setonian Online certainly has a long way to go, there's no doubt about that fact. However, I don't believe the mock up posted on March 17 of EL200 is the best way to go for revamping the website.

I like the fact that the page is laid out with a gridline basis, but it simply seems too busy to my eyes. It's just like a honeycomb of bees buzzing here and there until you finally lose track of whichever bee you were originally watching. It might be better if we could incorporate the multimedia sections presented on the front page into the navigation bar at the top of the screen in order to free up a bit more space. Larger pictures and perhaps only two large columns with a small section for other important information would be better.

My classmates are also little busy bees working on this project as well.