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Evergreens with pitch


Angle: Making a home away from home:
- Ways/methods to make your dorm room homier
- Different decorating ideas
Making a dorm room homier prevents homesickness?

Whom I can interview by next week:

  • Greta Carroll
  • Angela Palumbo
  • Alex Riggenbach
  • Tiffany Gilbert
  • Lorin Shumacher
  • Tiffany Tice
  • Kristy Pupich

Who else am I interested in interviewing: There are a few other freshmen that I will also be able to interview, but I am unsure of their full names to place above. (I’ve only met them on a few occasions.)

Sidebar Information: Items and Themes to make your room homier:

  • Posters
  • Wall stick ons
  • Little sculptures/nick nacks
  • Stuffed animals brought from home
  • White boards = increased communication between roommates and other students
  • Large pieces of paper to write roommate quotable quotes/pictures on
  • Shelving units
  • Unique bins
  • Theme set up throughout your suite/room