Evergreens with pitch


Angle: Making a home away from home:
- Ways/methods to make your dorm room homier
- Different decorating ideas
Making a dorm room homier prevents homesickness?

Whom I can interview by next week:

  • Greta Carroll
  • Angela Palumbo
  • Alex Riggenbach
  • Tiffany Gilbert
  • Lorin Shumacher
  • Tiffany Tice
  • Kristy Pupich

Who else am I interested in interviewing: There are a few other freshmen that I will also be able to interview, but I am unsure of their full names to place above. (I’ve only met them on a few occasions.)

Sidebar Information: Items and Themes to make your room homier:

  • Posters
  • Wall stick ons
  • Little sculptures/nick nacks
  • Stuffed animals brought from home
  • White boards = increased communication between roommates and other students
  • Large pieces of paper to write roommate quotable quotes/pictures on
  • Shelving units
  • Unique bins
  • Theme set up throughout your suite/room


Is that "Alex" short for "Alexandra" or "Alexander"? Is your story focused on how women decorate their dorms? Would be willing to add a few male sources?

For the sidebar... I'm sure there are some things that students might wish to do, but that the residence life folks discourage (because of damage to the walls, etc.). When I was an undergrad, the bookstore sold cork board squares, and on the wall in my dorm there were hundreds of corky glue blobs from where a previous resident pulled the cork squares off the wall. Those crumbs rained down on me all year. So... does the bookstore sell, or might it be easy to buy at a local store, anything that's prohibited on campus?

It's Alexander and the male portion will come along with later parts of the actual pitch. These were just the people that I have easy access to. Can't help it if I only know of three male english majors.

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