Looking over my shoulder

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Most everyone likes to take a look over their shoulder everyone once in a while and rediscover just how far it is that they've come. Well, this particular blog will be doing just that in regards to my recent blogging activities.

Coverage: For a full list of my recent blogs, please see the list at the end of this entry.

Depth: I've listed here some of my entries discussing an idea in more detail than my other entries.

Interaction: I've listed here some of my responses to my peers on our current topics.

Discussion: Refer to some of my Interaction entries for my longer comments on other's blogs. Those I've listed below are my blogs that earned comments from my peers.

Timeliness: All of my blog entries have been written at least a day before our class met to discuss the topics we blogged about. If you'd like a few that were written early enough to earn a higher number of contents, refer to the Interaction and Discussion sections above.



Below is a list of my blogs, but I will point out a particular blog for each section (specified below) if I feel it particularly emphasizes that distinct characteristic. I will be starting with my most recent blogs.

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