My Handwriting Labels me a Chicken

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Have you ever heard someone say, "My writing's chicken scratch."? Well, after reading Naomi Baron's excerpt in Writing Material, I can safely say that an analysis of my quickly scribbled scrawl would label me a chicken because of my nearly illegible letters. And that tends to be on a good day.

I remember when I first learned handwriting in grade school and middle school and my teachers tried to drill it into our heads that by the time we'd progressed to high school, we would have to forego printing all together. Well, guess what? They kind of lied to us, because when high school finally came, the teachers said it didn't matter whether we wrote in print or handwriting. Thus did I lose my handwriting abilities in favor of a quicker (if still somewhat illegible) method of writing. Just like Baron writes, "Today, handwriting is no longer taken as a necessary alternative to print but rather a begrudged substitute...Not surprisingly, we no longer see handwriting as an expression of social standing, much less a mirror on our souls" (60).

My father still always uses handwriting, even if I have to stare at his notes for a minute, trying to remember what loopy part of a word equals a letter. But I'll admit, I do miss handwriting. Sometimes. In my mind, printing is a superior method of taking notes down quickly because it's easier to cut our letters and not worry about how they will be connected by a pen stroke. But when I'm writing for fun or (heaven forbid) bored in class, I like to test my mental and muscle memory by handwriting out short lines of interest. For someone without any artistic ability whatsoever, this is much easier. I definitely gain a sense of satisfaction from handwriting. Unfortunately, my current profession of a student would be inhibited if I constantly used it, so I just have to save it for when I do personal projects or need a distraction.

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