Scratching away at coding

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If you've ever wanted to learn how to make a computer program by code alone, then Scratch is the program for you. I just began using this program after having very little coding experience, and I managed to make a Batman themed pong game.

Several days of discovering what Scratch can do has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of coding. Scratch's colorful blocks of code make it easy to understand which blocks can work together and which ones can't. I think this alone can save beginning coders immense time and rounds of frustration with your computer. However, that doesn't go to say that I haven't had a few tough spots building my code.

Throughout the course of creating my game I've learned who to create my own "Counter" variable that enables me to manipulate the timer in my game. This means that I can make my game "stop all" when the timer reaches 10 seconds if any of my icon pictures are still on the screen, because the player needs to hit the icons with the pong "ball" to both hide them and reduce the "counter" by 1 (-1). Then, if the "counter" equals 0 and the timer is less than 10 seconds, the player wins the game.

I do hope to add on more levels in the future, but I'm still working on creating them and working through a few last problems. I still need to learn how to correctly code my game so that the player will immediately see the "Win" screen when all of the icons are hidden. This is a perfect example of how Scratch is great for learning, but doesn't always give the perfect answer right off the bat.

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