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Well, it seems that my scheduled class time with Inform 7 is about to wrap up, but I am entertaining thoughts of using Inform 7 to showcase my final project for New Media Projects. Nevertheless, I can honestly say that I love to create worlds and stories as interactive fiction (IF) in Inform.

For my first attempt at a professional IF game is "Awakening" and I designed it to be user friendly to those who are new or have never before played IF games. Below is a screencast video of a user playing my game who has never played IF before.

Screencast 1

After watching the above screencast, I welcome you to watch the video below, another screencast, that is of a player facing the final version of my game with some IF experience under their belt. I did add a few additional details to my final version, but I'm not going to spoil the surprises.

Screencast 2

The two most important concepts that the above screencasts have taught me that you can never fully predict what a player will type into your game, and that you can never have too much detail in your game. Having synonyms and as much detail as you can will give your game a liveliness to it that will wow players. If I had more time, I would most definitely put more detail into my game.

Since I have come to the end of IF, I know that I have realized a few key concepts: I love to write stories no matter what form they may take; I have a passion for teaching others what I know (as learned by helping my classmates with their IF projects); and that I most certainly have a special place in my heart for IF. To many IF seems like an outmoded method of playing games, but to me it has become a perfect tool for literary abandon.

If you'd like to take a look at my other projects, you can view screencasts of them at Scritch Scratch towards progress and Coding away the hours

You can also play through my finished game by clicking on the link below.


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