Looking back through the looking glass

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This blog is to show you the progress that I have made in my New Media Projects class concerning the first three units of the class. These units covered the coding program Scratch, the interactive fiction program Inform 7, and website coding respectively.

If you take a look at the Scratch homepage, then you'll quickly see that Scratch is designed for children (or adults new to learning code). Personally, I liked aspects of Scratch in that you can make your own game with funny characters and a crazy storyline. However, I felt limited as well. My Scratch project involved my attempt to create a Lego Batman pong game. If you're interested in my game and want to see some of the games that I used for inspiration, then check out my Wrapping up with Scratch blog entry. If you'd like to try and play my sad attempt of making a complicated game, then get your mouse ready and click. And if you really want to see what gave me a hard time, then check out my Glitches are Funsuckers blog entry. Then again, you can also check out my entry of Scratching away at coding that shows my initial reactions and tribulations of coding in Scratch.

The next unit, and my personal favorite, was the Inform 7 unit. Creating my own story with Inform 7 gave me the freedom that I was missing in Scratch. However, Inform 7 is much more complicated than Scratch. But I feel that it was rewarding. If you'd like to check out a few game reviews of interactive fiction that I wrote and see what inspired my own game elements, then click on my Hello my story...that's all code blog entry. My thoughts and original plans for my interactive fiction game are on my Tap your fingers for a new game blog entry.

Care to check out the interactive fiction game that I made for my second unit project in your web browser? Then simply click on Awakening.

And finally, for the third unit project, I created a website to showcase my own online resume. As of right now, this resume is not as complete as I would like, but I plan to rapidly improve it for future employers to look at for my near search for an internship. If you'd like to read a bit more about my website, then see my blog titled A resume for the internet savvy ages.

But what does all of this mean? It means that I hope that if any of my potential employers find their way to this blog, that they will see my ability to organize information while at the same time being creative. I hope that they will understand my skills at learning new concepts and my eagerness to couple my creativity with new programs. But most of all, I hope from my website and what I have written on my blogs that they will recognize my drive to improve upon all things.

Interested in what my classmates did for their projects? Then click over to the webpage containing links to their portfolios and have a look see.

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