Planning ahead for the final


I've decided that I would like to create an interactive fiction (IF) game that functions like the (in)famous IF game Annoyotron.

Annoyotron is simple in that it frustrates new players to no end by an inability to win. At least it makes them crazy until they realize that the only way to "win" the game is to remove themselves from the game. In other words, the only way to succeed and end the game is to kill oneself. In my game, I hope to plan out numerous ways in which my player can "off" themselves. Some methods may use objects within the game's simple layout and others may be elaborate.

I intend to have the layout and basic coding done for Thursday. Hopefully, I will also begin working on the code that tells a player when they've died and ask them if they wish to restart the game.

By Tuesday I plan to be creating numerous and hilarious ways in which a player can permanently remove themselves from the game...before starting over that is.

My technical skills at using Inform 7 and my knowledge of how to create the proper code for my game make me feel confident that I can accomplish my goals. However, I think I may need a refresher course in how to actually kill a player because I haven't done that in a game that I've created thus far.

Well, now you know what it is that I'm up to. How about taking a look at what my peers are planning to make?


I like your simplicity of storyline, but multiple endings. It's like the ultimate multiple ending game (something I find entertaining to play and create). I may change my final to something similar, a single objective, for time's sake.

Maddie, you've got a lot of guts to pull out yet another amazing IF game, and I wish you luck. You are very detail oriented which makes for a great coder, good luck I know your game will be awesome.

Oh, Maddie. Well, I'm glad at least you gave us the right way to play the game up front...that was nice of since not all of us (ME ME ME) are good at figuring out IF games.

This sounds like a really interesting game though and you have a great ability to write sarcasim so I'm sure it'll turn out great. I might even volunteer to test it. (Even though I hate Inform haha)

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