Another Gulp of Sugar Free Lemonade

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My attention was quickly drawn to the videos at the top of the page, but was then soon followed by disappointment at the sight of their inconsistency.  I once again attribute my lack of interest in my upbringing mainly being in the age of web 2.0.  A picture to me encapsulates what the article is trying to convey.  I do not expect sights to be overly saturated with images, which could in tern leave less room for substance, but it just is not grabbing my attention.


Dianna Griffin said:

First of all, I love your title. It was extremely creative, and I agree with you. This website did not grab my attention at all. I feel like it was too technical or something. Maybe the creators focused too much on organization, and less on creativity. News has to be appealing, otherwise people won't want to read it.

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