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Portfolio 1- I've Gone so Far...But Have Further Yet to Travel

Wow. I am constantly astounded to see how fast time is slipping by. Some times I'm not even sure what day it is. I feel like I have so much more work to do and no time to do it. But, enough about me and my problems with time.

This whole blogging experience is new to me and I have to be honest I'm not all that sure how crazy I am about it. It digs into time that could be spent doing other work and that can be irritating at times, but I am trying to get my time management skills finely honed and this has forced me to try harder; though I must admit it hasn't really helped yet. I no longer know what sleep is and I think soon the sleep deprivation will make me not care anymore about this much needed loss.

So, on with my portfolio. Since this has been my first experience with blogging I have tried to to be honest in my writing and not only express my feelings towards certain works , but also convey what I have learned and feel I will take with me from the learning experience. I've tried to this in a way that would interest my peers and perhaps reveal to them somethings that perhaps they hadn't thought of before. Here is my first list of blog entries:


Liberty to "feel" outside one's comfort zone this is me explaining how a writer needs to distance themselves sometimes from their writing.
My Meaning is your Meaning, Or is it? this is how it is impossible to ever really know what's inside the authors mind when writing.
Making Sense of the Classics? is about the works we miss in the canon of literature.
I'm King, No I'm King, No Me! is a reflection on Shakespeare's wonderful world of the fool.
Structuralism's God Complex this is how it takes a Godlike knowledge to know all the "rules" to structuralism
The Hidden Roots how we need images in poetry for it to be poetry.
Real or Hypothetical? is about the mystery of the hypothetical reader and whether it is better than a real reader.


Eternity Etched in Clay my interpretation of Keats's "ode on a Grecian Urn"
What's the "norm" in normal? what does normal mean anyway, and how does society view what is or is not normal.
Provoke Me this is me discussing how literature can provoke us into a response or a desire to seek a response.
Value of History comprehending the deeper issues of a text with history.
Let's Play a Game asks the question does it take more than good powers of observation to analyze structure.
Sacrifice Reality for the Implied? asks do we risk making a piece of literature obsolete by taking the human element out of it.


"unmediated response" this is a comment I made on Greta's blog about cluttering our minds with other peoples ideas and her response
Dereks Blog Derek asks wonderful questions on his blogs and this is just an example of the responses he provokes

Blog Carnival Entry

Colonialism Carnival a blog on the comparison of colonialism in "Benito Cereno" and A Heart of Darkness
Similarities at the Carnival this is my blog for the carnival discussing the treatment of race.

Silents Madness Inside the Yellow Wallpaper my blog on the descent into madness for the protaganist in Gilman's story. My peers had much to say about what they thought of this descent into madness.
A Tempting Repitition this blog is about the meaning behind Shakespeares use of repitition. Quite a few of my peers had something to say.
Structuralism's God Complex lots of my peers had strong opinions about Eagleton and Structuralism. Check it out!
Wrongful repitition everyone seemed to have a problem with Kent and how he discusses Keats's "ode." A great discussion follows my blog and my peers had a lot to say.
Real or Hypothetical? the real and hypothetical reader got many people motivated and opinions fly.


The HIdden Roots This is the only one of my blogs I'm stating for this section. Majority of my blogs were posted on time. The few that were not was because of computer glitches that have hopefully been remedied.


Please Repeat That this is a link to Jenna's blog on repitition, which she linked to my blog A Tempting Repitition, which contributed to a good discussion.


I'm Just too Tired just a little fun with The Yellow Wallpaper

Well, this has been my first portfolio attempt. I'm not sure if I like this whole process, but it was interesting to look at all of the work I've done so far this semester.

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