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Provoke Me

"Without clarity, we seldom think well; without provocation, we seldom think at all. (Keesey 7)"

Clarity is seeing clearly, of course. Provocation is the act of stirring something or someone up, usually it is used in the sense of angering someone. Think on this for a minute. As readers we must clearly see what we are reading and understand the issues, at least somewhat understand the issues. But, to have a piece of literature or an essay provoke us into a response, or prod us into finding answers, this is true discovery. Everyone has an opinion about what they read, but have we ever really looked at it as literature provoking a response from the reader. It doesn't matter if the response is good or bad, if it is loved or hated, just the fact that it forced you into a corner and caused enough emotion in you to have a response, to think on it critically, then it has done its job. And it has done its job well. I hope everything I read provokes me to think. This is the joy of reading.


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james lohr:

Isn't that the best part of reading, or writing? Getting a reaction out of someone for good or bad. It's silly but Malfoy in the Harry Potter Movies pisses me off to such an extent that I am fairly sure if I would meet the actor in a bar I might just have to hit him. But that shows the greatness of the actor, playing a part that despite my own anger at him, sticks with me.

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