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Bricolage: French for, the construction (as of a sculpture or a structure of ideas) achieved by using whatever comes to hand.

I thought this was an interesting word and I wasn't quite sure of it's definition so I looked it up and this helped me to understand this part of Derrida's essay. Hope it helps others.

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Derek Tickle:

Mara! I wrote my blog on the same term as you did! My link is: http://blogs.setonhill.edu/DerekTickle/2009/03/i_saw_broccoli_in_derridas_ess.html

I did not know that it was a French term until Greta mentioned it as a comment on my blog. This term, bricolage, made me think about how language is based on a specific structure. In other words, we, humans, have used language for years and it determines everything we do in the world. We could not communicate without language, but, then again, how could we learn language without structure.

We need bricolage!

Angela Palumbo:

I'm glad that you picked this word Mara. It's a good one. When I read that it was French, I automatically thought of Greta so I wasn't surprised to see that Greta told Derek it was French. lol. I get what you're saying Derek. The relationship between language and structure is like the relations we have established between the different types of criticisms. Good job both of you!

Derek Tickle:

Now a question for everyone!

Why is language associated with structure? Is it because society has forced its meaning to change over time or because one can only learn it by learning the basic steps and then progressing towards the difficult information.

james lohr:

Wasnt Derrida's entire essay in another language? Not sure what language it was but i got very little from it. If there is a center, how in the hell could anyone find it? and if they cant find it, what is the point in looking?

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