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Portfolio II: Another one bites the dust

This is my second portfolio and I'm happy to say that I am much more knowledgable of literary criticism than I was when I did my first portfolio. Don't get me wrong there is still a lot I'm unclear of, but through the help of all my classmates I think we have grown together and learned much since the beginning of the semester. Kudos to all of us. Now on with the show...


Searching for Knowledge in Reality
A Living Stream
Women writers trapped within their own literature?
Give me Freedom
Character Experience
Sexism in Literature, Yes or No?
Being part of the Tribe
Psychological importance of History
Intertextual Marriage
Solving the Crime of Benito Cereno
Romance is Comedy
Challenging Language
Oh Signifier, My Signifier
Creature or Creator
A confusing bit of Theory
Come on Down Your the Next Contestant


Character Experience
Sexism in Literature, Yes or No?
Challenging Language


Challenging Language There is some good dialogue going on here with Derek and he links to another blog.
Bricolage People had fun with the French


Oh Signifier, My Signifier
Creature or Creator
Just to name a few


A Confusing bit of Theory Ellen helps out with this blog entry and gives links to Greta's and Angela's

Well, here ends my second portfolio. The semester is soon coming to an end and it's hard to believe how far we all have come in such a short time.

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