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Portfolio III: The End has Finally Shined its Light

I can't believe the end of the semester has finally gotten here. This has been the longest semester of my college career. We have had many ups and downs in this journey called Literary Criticism, but we all made it through and we made it through alive. It has been an amazing experience, good and bad.

I have to say that I was lucky enough to have superb classmates who encouraged me to push myself when I wanted to give up and who taught me so much throughout the semester. The insights and the critical thinking that opened my eyes to new ideas was appreciated and will be taken with me for further ventures through academia. Thanks everyone!

A few words about the fantastic group projects which we have seen so far: Greta and Katie did a fantastic job. I thought it was innovative and brave of them to teach a high school class such a hard subject as literary criticism. Bringing two of your "students" to class to speak about their experience learning from both of you was brilliant. Bravo on a terrific job!

Sue and Quinn not only was their project entertaining, but they gave a great presentation on author intent. Incorporating a faux interview with J.D. Salinger and using his novel Catcher in the Rye was excellent. It was throughly enjoyable and interesting.

Now on to my last blog:

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Dickens and Eliot, cultural tools This blog got many comments from my classmates. I enjoyed this blog and my fellow classmates comments, because culture has always been a huge interest of mine. For me culture is a big part of who we are and how we write.

Little Lovecraft Lie

Reviewing my past Portfolios:

Portfolio I: My first experience blogging and doing a portfolio was simply overwhelming. I am proud of what I have done here though. Blogging, though still not my favorite activity, helped me to learn much from my fellow classmates and hopefully I helped them along the way as well.

Portfolio II: I was definitly beginning to bottom out a bit during my second portfolio, but I feel that I also showed improvement in my understanding of literary criticism. The essays that were assigned in class were interesting and highly debatable. Many good arguments and back and forth debates went on during this section of the class.

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