Bears go to sleep, and I am just waking up

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Ok so for those of you who don't know what were doing.  We are currently creating our last blogging portfolio YA!!!  As a new freshman this year I had so much to learn about all this computer garbage.  In fact this class was the first time i ever hear of blogging...I mean i knew people did it, but I never realized  what it was.  So heres a collection of everything more recently.



        Everything was in on time...woo hoo go me! ok well there were a couple posted around 12...but hey thats pretty good compared to last time!

Americas Best-What a book

Best Practices-Are you writing right?

All of Best Practices-Just a summary

Are You a Bad News Bear-Don't be grumpy bears are going into hibernation now!

We make the Difference-Everyone plays a part, are you doing yours?

What a day is right-It seems like what a semester

The Process-O ya theres something real particular

Ethics-Are you doing the right thing?



      ok so i don't have too many that go way into depth, but heres a few that i got really into.

Best Practices

Theres a Process


Interaction & Timeliness:

           OK so I didn't get a lot of comments but here a couple blogs that i did...I guess, and well I'm hoping as the years go on in my blogging career I learn how to spark up some crazy conversations. These 2 blogs were also were the 2 that I blogged earlier than the rest.

We Make a Difference

Are you a bad news Bear


As for discussion...other than the 2 blogs i posted under Interaction and Timeliness I didn't get any other comments, so i guess i should have called the last section Interaction Timeliness and Discussion.






heres an off the wall kinda crazy last minute blog entry.

The last one!

Wow its over

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ok so normally on a friday at this time...10:54, i would patiently be sitting on the fourth floor of admin in room 402 i think, getting ready for class to begin.  But today, its 10:55 am friday. i'm sitting at my computer, in my pjs, working on stuff, and i must admit...I LOVE is right around the corner, however that also means that so are finals.  I'm stuck here for the next 5 days, with yucky weather, no car, and nothing to do but study and write about a shitty weekend...oops can i say shitty? well O-well I harm done...its MY BLOG...ok so anyhow...thanks dr. jerz, it was a very interesting semester, I'm proud i guess of how it went...even more proud that it went by so fast! THANK GOD...ok so here it is everyone...BYE!!!


*ok so i totally just ended my blogging experience number 1...and i couldn't feel any better...



How ethical are you

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"It hurts the guilty writer; it hurts the victims of the fake; it hurts the newspaper that publishes it; it hurts journalism generally."

Plagarism, the theft of words, is a very unethical way of practicing journalism.  This quote stuck out to me in many ways.  First it points out how it not only hurts the writer that published the 'stolen' work, but it also states how this does not only effect the writer, but it also hurts the ones involved in the 'fake' part of the story.  Plagarism provides a bad name for everyone.  Even if you are just writing a paper for a class where only a teacher is going to see it.  First off it is an illegal act to steal someone elses words, but it is also a good way to get a 0 on the paper.  Its not fair to the actual writer, and it makes you look bad because it makes you look like you aren't good enough to do this work on your own.  Its an easy way out for anyone with 'writers block.'  I do not believe in plagarism at all.  I do agree with the quote in everyway.  I gives you and the publisher a bad name.  Some may wonder how this is such an awful thing, but we have to remember it is stealing, and that its breaking a law.  So just remember the next time you go to write a paper, or article, if you want to 'borrow' facts or some type of information from someone, be sure to give credit to that person to keep yourself out of any type of trouble.  It just makes everything a bit easier.

Theres a Process

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ok of course theres a process.  Everyone journalist knows that there is sometype of writing and reporting process, what kind of stories would we have if there wasn't.  The only thing about this though, theres steps, and these steps have to be done in order...DUH it wouldn't be a process if there wasn't.  I mean you cant ride a bike byt first pedaling then getting on the bike, you have to get on the bike and then start pedaling. 

"good writing may seem magical, but it's not magic."

we all know this takes can't just snap your fingers and hope everything comes together.  You have to follow step by step, practice, practice practice.  What'd your parents always tell you.  Practice makes perfect.  and they were so true.  as a writer you have to write, rewrite, read, edit, and talk about writing.  these are a must to be a good writer.  First you have to:

*generate ideas                           *get the best and only the best             *revise

*collect the information                 *create a plan                                    

*find a focus w/ a lead                  *draft

To every writer out there, good luck! Just follow these simple steps and in no time youll be producing your very own master pieces.


metal to bone

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WOW.  this story was so well written.  Hull really knew what she was doing when she was reconstructing this crime.  I think the fact that i love CSI helped a lot because the crime story aspect just totally sucked me in!  I loved how hull broke it up into parts and combined all the parts into one story.  That to me is creative writing.

What a day is right

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its more like what a...sentence?  wow i never realized there were so many ways of getting soooo much into one sentence.  Usually in grade school ok 5-7 words make a sentence, this sentence could have been 5-7 paragraphs. well I loved it.  I had a terrible day, and this was a cute little  weather report describing what to me feels like a great spring day, when flowers are blooming and everythings is lightly dashed with color and the world is happy.  Ok so thats a bit of a fantasy in todays world, but still this short little story was bright and cheery and i enjoyed it.  "yes! yes!"  Fusion was just so creative with his wordplay and his humor and his "ecclesiastes."  Way to be creative!

WE make the difference

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I chose A flower for the Graves as my story from "The Classics."  I thought this story was very good.  I loved the depth of the story and the details, it was almost like I was there and Patterson was giving a speech to the town.  It was meaningful and reached out to everyone in the town.  The part of the story that really caught my attention was the use of WE.  I feel Patterson used the word we to make the story mean more to the people of the town who didn't loose their children.  It wasn't just the killers faults that these children are dead but Patterson made the story affect everyone, because the towns people did nothing to stop the violence problem.

The opinon side of this story and how one person feels relates to my story, because I am writing on the expansion of campus downtown.  My story is solely based on how people in the downtown area feel about the campus expansion, and how it will affect things such as businness and traffic.  I want to find the good and the bad things about the expansion and be able to see what WE as a comunity think is going to happen when the project is complete.

Are you a bad news bear?

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"The concern that the press focuses too much on what is wrong, violent and bizarre

and that it never prints “good news” may be the longest-running complaint of the public."


Unfortunately, this is true.  The public never wants to read or hear about the bad news; the victim who was beaten, or the suspect that killed her husband, or the abandoned baby in the garbage can.  No, people wanna hear about the new family bussinnes around the corner, or about how gas prices are going down.  Unfortunately theres never a story with for the good news. Bad news is whats sells.  It makes a good story, and it what the public needs to know.  They need to be aware that someone in their comunity was beaten, or someone killed someone else, or to be on the lookout for the baby, or to prepare for some type of disaster.


Theres really no way to fix the reporting problem.  Reporters 'report' what the people need to know, not what they want to know.  Its all about politics when it comes down to it.  What sells, the good or the bad?

All of Best Practices

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Best Practices was a good factual book.  Not something I would like to read on an everyday basis, however it was interesting to find out all the different facts and ways of doing things.  The thing I liked best about this book was it let me see how the 'public' views things.  They don't realize the time and effort it takes to get all the information, pitch a story, write the story, then all the parts of the publication procedure on top of all this, then getting ready to pitch another story before the first one is published.  You have to meet deadlines and qualifications.  The pulic eye just sees the finished story.  This book breaks things down and lets everyone see throught the eyes of the 'public.'  The stories that are written help all people see the different aspects of every story.  One mans words are another mans expression.

Best Practices

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Do u make mistakes?  Do your friends make mistakes?  Do your teachers make mistakes?  Ya everyone makes mistakes, but in the news world, theres no room for mistakes.  I never realized how many mistakes the news world actually made.  Its one thing to spell the word and wrong, but to mistake someones name, the date or time of a crime, the area, anything crucial to the story, is another very big deal.

You don't think about it, but news casters on television, they make mistakes too, its not always as obvious, but they do, its just they can correct themselves.  In the news paper or a magazine article, its not correctable till after its printed.  For example, some big time reporter gets a great story, writes the article and prints it, BUT he forgets someones name, or he mixes up the name, then the whole story is wrong.  Unlike on television when you can easily correct yourself the only way you can undo your damage in a news article is to reprint it.  This is ok except, it takes time and money.  First the story needs fixed, then the whole article needs reprinted, and this doesn't exactly happen free of charge.  I guess i never realized how important it was to double check, proof read and make sure everything was perfect.

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