After Apple Picking (Frost)

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I would like to start by noting that I am not a fan of poetry. However, I did like this poem because I liked one of the topics- sleep. I felt like I could relate to the feeling of coming to the end of a job or a long day and feeling sleep begin to take you over. I love how when you get to this stage you seem to take greater interest in little things that you have experienced all day and how these little things seem to invite you to sleep. For instance,

            "Essence of winter sleep is on the night,

             The scent of apples: I am drowsing off."

Frost has been smelling apples all day yet now their smell seems to take on a new meaning as he tires. Frost later mentions the sound of the apples being put in the cellar, and it seems that the constant rumble makes him even more weary.

Two other lines that caught my attention were:

            "One can see what will trouble

             This sleep of mine, whatever sleep it is."

I thought that these lines were interesting because Frost sounds like he's talking about dreaming, but the word "trouble" makes it sound more like a nightmare than a good dream. It seems easy for that to happen.  Something that you have been working on continuously may not seem so bad at first but soon becomes troublesome and annoying.

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