Keeping in Mind the Big Picture

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       I think Foster's chapter "Don't Read With Your Eyes" was a useful reminder.  I know that sometimes when I am reading a story or watching a movie, I get caught up in the fact that something happening is not practical.  For example, Foster mentions "Sonny's Blues" noting that, " is meant as a study of relations between brothers, not as a treatise on addiction." (Foster 228)  Sometimes it is easy to analyze the factualness of a story too much, and in the midst of that lose sight of the importance of the actions. I think this chapter really has helped me take notice that I should be careful not to overlook the bigger picture by over analyzing small details.

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Georgia Speer said:

Marie, after reading you blog I thought more about this issue. I tend to agree with you that we all can often get wrapped up in the minor things that may simply distract what the main focus of a writer’s message is, and that can send us off onto a road heading to a different destination. But that is the beauty of literature, it has a way that it can take each of us down a different road, but in the end we all need to end up in the same destination, at least we hope that anyway. We have been learning so much on how to look for symbols, ask the right questions, how to close read, but we are still able to also consider our own gut responses and emotions to literature. That is what gives us the ability to prove our interpretations to be correct as long as we can back it up with evidence in favor of our opinions.

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