Portfolio 1: Reflecting and Taking a Closer Look

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This is a portfolio entry reviewing my progress on my blog so far in the course American Literature: 1915 to Present.  My entries have been separated into the categories coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth, and discussion.  I think that keeping a blog about the assigned readings has been a helpful way to express some of my thoughts on the literature.  With each entry I write on my blog, I am required to really reflect on what I've read and then express my thoughts to my peers.  Also, I think it has proved to be a useful tool in seeing how my peers have viewed the same literature.

I have included a direct quote and a link back to the course web page in all of my entries thus far, but these ones are just a few examples.
Symbolism Becomes Personal
Religion, the Universal Language of Symbols
The Great Gatsby (Ch 1-4)
One Story to Rule Them All

Up until the past two weeks, all of my blogs had been submitted on time.  These are just a few examples of some of the blogs posted on time.

After Apple Picking
How to Read Literature Like a Professor
Young Woman Gets Biblical
Symbolism Becomes Personal

These are a couple of my blogs that seemed to spark some discussion.  While I did not write back to any of these comments, I plan to make more of an effort in the future to review the comments my blogs receive and respond to them.
Daisy = Paris?
One Story to Rule Them All


These are a few of my blogs that I feel I spent a little more time reflecting on and that I put more effort into.
The Great Gatsby (Ch 1-4)
Nothing Gold Can Stay
The Monster is Greed
First Signs of Humanity

These are a few of the blogs that I left a comment where several students became involved in discussing the topic.
Rosalind Blair: Love Again?
Chelsie Bitner: One Story
Andrew Adams: Quick Rebeginnings


Good work, Marie, both on your blog and on this portfolio.

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