A Humane Race?

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"EMILY: Tell me Henri, as a truth-loving philosopher- wouldn't you gladly resign from the human race if only there was another one to belong to?
HENRI: Oh, of course.  But are we sure it would be any better?"  (56)

I don't know what I was really expecting this play to be about, but once I caught onto what the focus of the play was, I was shocked.  Felix and Henri began discussing the crucifixion, and it seemed that Felix's big argument for the crucifixion was that it would bring money to the country.  I understand that this is supposed to be a very poor third world country, but it is still crazy to think someone would let a crucifixion be filmed just to get money.  Realistically though, there are some people in the world like that.  That's why I really liked this quote.  The things that humans do to one another is horrible.  It's hard for me to understand how it doesn't bother people to hurt others.  Still, as Henri points out, do we really know that another race would be better?  We don't really know if we're alone in this universe, but if we aren't, while it's a possibility that we're the most inhumane race, isn't it equally possible that we're the most humane race?  Sometimes things seem bad, but we have to remember it could always be worse.
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