Portfolio 2: My Goodbye to Blogging?

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This is a portfolio entry is reviewing my final progress on my blog in the course American Literature: 1915 to Present.  Like my previous portfolio, my entries have been separated into the categories coverage, timeliness, interaction, depth, and discussion.  I'll admit right away that while I have found blogging to be a useful tool in examining and discussing each work, I fell behind in my blogging for the second half of the semester.  Each week I was able to read some of my peers blogs, but I did not always post my own blog each week.  I have caught up now with all of my own entries so that a complete collection of the blogs required for the second half of this semester can be found in this portfolio.  I am a biology major so this is probably the last blog entry I will be writing, at least for academic reasons anyway.  I do not know that I can say I am sad to say goodbye to the end of my blogging experience, but I do think it has been instrumental in helping me express my thoughts on literature.

As in all of my previous entries, I have again included a direct quote and a link back to the course web page in all of my entries, however these are just a few examples.

Namelessness Gives Flexibility

Invisibility and Namelessness

What's It All About
All About Nature


As I mentioned in my introduction, unfortunately I fell behind in my blogging for the second half of the semester.  However, these are a few examples of the blogs that I was able to post on time.

Insomniac...the story of my life
From Fire Balloons to Armadillos

Writing At All Ages

Hidden Sex
Keeping in Mind the Big Picture

At the point when I began the blogs for this portfolio, I had good intentions of writing back to comments my blogs received and really interacting with my peers.  However, due to the lateness of many of blogs, I received few comments.  This is one blog that did receive comments though.

Keeping in Mind the Big Picture


I think that always put a fair level of effort into my blog entries, however, I do think that these entries have more substance to them than some of my other ones do.

Words Are Our Identity

Hidden Sex
A Happy Waltz

Blind to the Truth

Writing At All Ages


As mentioned in my introduction, while I had difficulty keeping up with my own blogs, I always managed to comment on my peers' blogs on time in order to be aware of topics of discussion.  These are a few of the comments I left as part of a discussion on my peers' blogs.

Chelsie Bitner: The Time Traveler's Wife

Jennifer Prex: Identity Crisis

Julianne Banda: Less dry.

Sue Myers: Sex is not written well?


A few years ago, a SHU biology student blogged her experiments studying mold or some such little life form. There are also lots of good science blogs out there... I'm glad to know that you feel the blogs helped you express your reactions to the works we read.

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