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SABINA: I can't invent any words for this play, and I'm glad I can't. I hate this play and every word in it. As for me, I don't understand a single word of it, anyway, -all about the troubles the human race has gone through, there's a subject for you. (Wilder 10-11)

Overall I have found this entire play to be rather odd. I liked this quote because, especially at this point, I joined in with Sabina's thought of not understanding this play. I think that the play was rather entertaining, but it was also kind of difficult to follow at times. Another thing I liked about this quote is how Sabina is directly addressing the audience. Throughout this play there is direct interaction with the audience. I think that this aspect would make this an enjoyable play to watch because you would become part of it. I think that viewing this play would overall help get me into it more.

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