Plotting your story


HTRLLAP Supp, Ch 11&12

The part of this reading that caught my eye was that I have never thought about how much planning goes into a book. To me a writer is a genius that sits down and jots a few notes and characters and then starts writing but to think that he has the write the beginning and the ending and fill in the middle last was something I never contemplated.  I guess that is why I am not a writer. 

What showed me my point in this writing is in chapter 11 "when they happen in literature they're not really accidents" Here is my question I realize that a soap opera is not a novel or movie so I often wonder how the writers think when they are plotting, planning, killing off and bring people back to life. Some soap operas like general hospital have been on since 1963, I wonder over the years where they get their "middle" from and are they looking towards and end? (I hope not) Writers amaze me and confuse me.



Are there creative writers in the class? Would anyone want to comment on the planning that goes into creative writing?

Mary Jane, what about the planning that goes into your own close reading exercises? Have you noticed anything about the prewriting I ask you to complete?

While a story arc within a soap opera may wrap up, the goal of a soap opera writer is to keep the viewers hooked and make them come back for more. But a novel has an ending.

Great comment, Mary Jane.

I also never realized how much planning goes into a novel. To me planning is my least favorite part about writing, and therefore the part that I try to get through the quickest. It's clear that planning all along has been more important than I thought.

I too see writers as pure genius. When writing poetry I know the point I want to make and the effect I want the final product to have and then I proceed to let the words flow; sometimes switching lines around when I'm finished. Doing that, however, for a novel is something that I have not yet attempted and frankly scared to death to try.

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