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I listened to Deana K. and Patrick S.

Deana's voice sounded good and she read a poem by an author that we haven't studied so I was glad that she gave back round on the author as part of her podcast.  What I learned was that ee cummings, the author, never used capital letters or punctuation. One off the explanations for this is that ee cummings wanted the reader to be able to interpret his work as they see fit.


Patrick also sounded clear and he read two works from Poe. Of course they were both dark and with out hope.  Patrick explained the first poem and when he read it his voice was animated so that I could hear the important lines in the poem.  The second poem had a part that said "no more, No more, NO MORE" this caught my attention. This podcast was cut off mid thought, must have been some technical difficulties


I think for our first podcast and 6 minute (that went fast) both Deana and Patrick did a wonderful job.


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