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Mrs. Cope can't cope

O'Connor (Choose One of Three) -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

"'Dead. Well I declare,' Mrs. Cope said as if death were always an unusual thing."

Flannery O'Connor did an awesome job in her characterization of both Mrs. Cope and Mrs. Pritchard. They wer both so funny! I definitely have known some Mrs. Copes and Mrs. Pritchards in my time. I'm sure everybody knows a Mrs. Cope, a control freak who throws a fit over any inconvenience. O'Connor also does a good job of making you be on the side of people you know you shouldn't, because up until the end I was kind of cheering on the three boys who are upsetting Mrs. Cope's orderly world, pushing her buttons. This quote especially solidifies Mrs. Cope's problem. She wants so much control over the world around her that death seems to her something preventable and therefore a shocking surprise when it happens. This is why her name is ironic; she really can't cope with the problems the boys give her because they don't come nicely one at a time like she controllingly expects them to.

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Margaret Jones:

I think thats a good ironic connection you make between Mrs. Cope's name and the actual problem of her not being able to "cope" with what the boys throw out at her. I definitely agree that O'Connor does a good job with the characterization as well.


I didn't even notice this connection until I read your blog! thanks a lot!

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