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Blogging Portfolio 3: The Trilogy Is Complete

Portfolio 3 -- Jerz: EL150 (Intro to Literary Study)

All right, here it is. The end of the road. Adios, amigos! Auf wiedersehn! Au revoir! This is my last blogging portfolio for my Intro to Literary Study class, and as you can see, I'm feeling quite whimsical at the end of this long journey. Perhaps I'm a bit giddy after all of the work I've done for this class, but I must say a lot of it was enjoyable. I really honestly didn't dislike any of the works of literature we've read (although I liked some more than others), and I've learned so much about writing. So here is the third and final part of my journey reflected in blogs:
Coverage (blogs on works read in class):
King Lear Acts 1-2 (Also a Depth and a Discussion entry)
King Lear Acts 3-5 (Also a Depth, Discussion, and an Interaction entry)
Shakespeare's King Lear (Also a Depth and a Discussion entry)
Shakespeare and the End of Feudalism: King Lear as Fin-De-Siecle text (Also a Depth and a Discussion Entry)
Ender's Game Chapters 1-6 (Also a Discussion entry)
Ender's Game Chapters 7-the end (Also a Discussion entry)
All of these blogs are timely as well.
Now here is some xenoblogging (comments I left on peers' blogs)
Mackenzie's blog on King Lear Acts 1-2 (Also an Interaction entry)
Maggie's blog on King Lear Acts 3-5
Hallie's blog on Ender's Game Chapters 7-the end (Also an Interaction entry)
Here's my Wildcard entry. My blog on King Lear Acts 3-5 is kind of rambling, but the play just has that kind of ending that can leave you rambling for days. But it contains all of the elements of what I think I've achieved as a student blogger, I think: it quotes outside sources to bring up an idea that wasn't in the discussion before, it's whimsical in places (I quote that artistic triumph The Return of Jafar), it uses links, it generated discussion that I responded back to, and overall it just expresses my opinion in an informal, conversational way. So that's it. Hope you enjoyed my blogging. It's been fun!

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