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Criminals are caught! (or still at large)

Both my news cycle stories came up again in today's news stories in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. The Meadows Casino story got some pretty significant updates as far as details about the actual crime and the people involved. There were pictures of the three suspects, and the reporter provided information about how exactly the culprits pulled off the scheme (complete with a police officer using his police badge to act as a bodyguard while the other two manipulated the machine!), so this article was really juicy and interesting to read. I suspect much of this information was gleaned from a news conference Crompton mentions was held yesterday. This is a good example where a breaking news story with hardly any details becomes sort of a teaser for the real story that ends up in the paper the next day. The article from yesterday left me wanting to know so much more about the circumstances of the crime, and this article was very satisfying because it answered a lot of questions. I'm not sure where the story will go from here; it seems like the biggest events that are still to come are the trial and the sentencing if they're found guilty.
My other story wasn't exactly updated; it was pretty much the exact same text appearing under a slightly different headline. I'm assuming not much new information was discovered about her whereabouts, because I don't think anything about the article was changed at all. This story seems to have plateaued because the really interesting juicy stuff has been made known, and the only really interesting thing to come next would be if China Graham is found and arrested. I'm not sure if there'll be more breaking news about this in the near future if this doesn't happen.

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