Nothing comes from nothing

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"Memory. Symbol. Pattern. These are all three items, more than any others, separate the professional reader from the rest of the crowd."


Finding patterns in literature and associating them with other literary works makes me think of another comment someone told me before, "Nothing comes from nothing." Ideas are recycled and used over again in millions of different ways. The patterns and symbols are just put in different settings and situations to make them seem new and different. In that sense, no story or idea is "new" or "original". Professional readers can see these patterns specifically because, obviously, the more story stories and novels they read, the more patterns and symbols they can see.


Sarah Durham said:

Meagan, I was also reminded of something similar when I read Foster and your blog. A friend once said to me, which I'm sure many people have heard, "Don't reinvent the wheel, someone else has done the hard part." Ideas like history keep repeating, so if we are pay close attention we will be able to fill in any necessary blanks that may arise.

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