Tick Tock...Boom

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"Its pendulum swung to and fro with a dull, heavy, monotonous clang"

The pendulum, although it seems obvious, can be taken as a metaphor for time the Prince and guests at the ball have left before the Red Death comes to them. At every hour when the clock stops to chime, every person stops what they are doing and seems fearful. Although they are in this place to escape the Red Death, it seems that they know it will affect them or someone they know sooner or later. The pendulum swinging and the chiming of the clock is the one piece of reality in the fantasy and carefree environment of the ball.  


Jennifer Prex said:

That was a good metaphor to use. No one at the ball could escape the red death, just like they could not escape the passage of time. Each time the clock chimed, it was as if they were all reminded of this fact.

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