A Demon Child Always Makes For A Great Story

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"..and observing some of her odd attributes, had given out that poor little Pearl was a demon offspring..." (Hawthorne 90)

The fact that Pearl is viewed as a demon child follows a concept that Foster has mentioned in his book about vampires. Although Pearl is not a vampire, she has some of the same characteristics with respect to Hester. At times, it almost seems like Pearl is sucking the life out of Hester, constantly reminding Hester through her actions that she is has an letter on her chest. For instance, she'll point to it or put her hand on it. On the other hand, Pearl may be giving Hester life and giving her a reason to keep living her life no matter how the public views her. Whether Pearl is giving life or taking away life does not matter so much as the fact that one person seems to be feeding off another person, which is exactly what a vampire does.



Katie Lantz said:


I agree! I never would have thought of Pearl in that way, but it most definitely does seem that she and Hester have a "give and take" relationship.

Jered Johnston said:

I agree. I noticed that as well but never made the connection to vampirism as is described in Foster.

Jessica Pierce said:

I agree as well, but I was considering the irony of Pearl's name. A pearl is something that one must search for, something cherished. Perhaps the 'give and take' of Hester and her daughter's relationship is the finding stage of the pearl - Hester must find the truth about Pearl in order to cherish her.

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