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How to Read Literature....Chapter 14

"The bottom line, I usually tell the class, is that Christ figures are where you find them, as you find them." (Foster 123)

I like that Foster points out in the chapter that if you find a character that resembles Christ, great but if you don't that's fine too. As long there is some type of data for making the conclusion that someone resembles Christ, the reader is right. This supports the idea that there are no right answers when reading a piece of literaure. It's up the reader to decide that the literary works means (with support from the text of course!)



Kayla Lesko said:

I think there's too many Christ like figures in literature.

Yes, Meagan, you've done a good job capturing an important lesson. There is no single "correct" answer to what a work means, but some answers are more persuasive than others because they are better supported -- chiefly with evidence from the text, but also evidence from historical, cultural, biographical, and other sources.

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