Free At Last

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"She had not known the weight, until she felt the freedom!" (Hawthorne 182)

It interesting to note that you can't truly expereince something until to experience it's complete opposite. For example, you can't understand the concept of being relieved if you have never been under stress. The same concept applies to Hester. She had not known how much the scarlet letter was bringing her down until she took it off and experienced the freedom. In order for her to realize the weight, she had to experience the opposite- freedom. It works in the opposite direction as well. In order for her to feel free, she had to experience the weight, even if the weight was painful.


Heather Mourick said:

It's like the old saying: You don't know what you have until it's gone.

Hester doesn't always realize she is under stress, yes she knows she is paying a penalty, but it may not Always feel like that.

Great point! :)

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