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The following entry is a Portfolio dedicated to my blogging experience during an American Literature class at Seton Hill University during the Fall 2009 term. All links below link to entries on my blog or my classmates blogs. Almost all blogs are related to works of literature that were assigned readings during the class.

COVERAGE: The following list outlines all blog entries I wrote on my blog.

How to Read Literature Like a Professor- Foster
                Intro - Chapter 3
                Chapter 5 - 7
                Chapter 8 - 10
                Interlude and Chapter 11 - 12

The Masque of the Red Death  - Poe

Young Goodman Brown - Hawthorne

The Scarlet Letter- Hawthorne
                Chapter 1 - 6
                Chapter 7 - 13
                Chapter 14 - 21
                Chapter 19 - 24

Bartleby the Scrivener- Melville

The Yellow Wall-Paper- Gilman

DEPTH: The following list displays a few of my blog entries that I went into deeper thought and tired to make bigger connections between characters and/or concepts in the text.

                The Masque of the Red Death
                The Scarlet Letter Chapter 19 - 24
                The Scarlet Letter Chapter 7 -13

INTERACTION: The following lists are links to some of my classmate's blogs that I took the time to comment on before are weekly class meeting.  I commented on these specific blogs because they seemed to have affected my thoughts in some way.

Kayla Lesko- Interlude and Chapter 11- 12 of How to Read Literature...
Katie Lantz- How to Read Literature...Chapter 5 - 7
Katie Lantz- Bartleby the Scrivener
Kayla Lesko- The Yellow Wall-Paper

DISCUSSION: The following listed links are blog entries that lead to class discussions (both in small groups or the class as a whole) or helped me create thesis statements for papers.

The Scarlet Letter Chapter 19 - 24
The Scarlet Letter Chapter 1-6
How to Read Literature...Chapter 5 - 7
Young Goodman Brown

TIMELINESS: All of my blog entries were all posted by the specified time, but these blogs seemed to be posted the earliest of all other blogs. On some entries, I was the first to leave a comment on the course site.

                The Scarlet Letter Chapter 14 - 21
                The Masque of the Red Death
                How to Read Literature... Interlude and Chapter 11- 12

XENOBLOGGING: The following list is made up of either my blogs or my classmate's blogs that I made specific conclusions from that I did not think of before I read their blog. Others are classmate's blog entries that I was inspired by in some way.

Kayla Lesko - The following entry made me really think about the relationship between the woman narrator and her "husband".


Kayla Lesko - The following blog entry and comments on it really helped me gather my ideas for my Pro/Con paper.


Bartleby the Scriver- A classmate made a comment on my blog that included a quotation I did not see in the text that really supported my thought and made what I was trying to say much clearer.

WILDCARD: The following blogs are how I feel about the class and blogging about four weeks into the semester.

                The Art of Crying
                It's Official...I Hate Blogging


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