A Funny Thing Happened on Way to the End of Huckleberry Finn

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So I thought this was kind of funny and thought I would share...

This weekend I read the assigned readings, blogged, and so on as I usually do. So I go and start reading people's blog and looking over the section that Smith wrote at the end to find something someone had commented on and something didn't seem right. It was like I was missing a whole chunk of the story. So I went through the book to see if maybe I read the wrong chapters or something. And I read that right one's so that wasn't it. I was confused.

So here's the funny part. I started counting the chapters one by one and it turns out that the book I have skips pages 249-280! Literally, they are not in my book. At all. And it's a new book. So it's not like they were ripped out or anything, they just simply weren't printed. Fantastic.

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