Comic Relief

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   No, he lives in New York. Do you know how he made his fortin?


   What is him fortin, hey? Is it something he wears?


   Chowder, how green you are!


Sar, I hab you to know I's not green; I's brack." (Aiken 119)

I like how Topsy is used as a comic relief sometimes. Generally speaking, Uncle Tom's Cabin is very serious and deals with important issue like human rights and so on, but it's nice to have something that makes you laugh when you are reading a play. Most of Topsy's humor comes from the fact that she is not that educated and misunderstands alot of things in common language.

Another things that is interesting about Topsy is that she thinks that she is bad because she is black, and if she was white, then maybe she would try. It just proves how people have manipulated her to the point where she thinks she is bad because she is black.

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