I'll Make a Man Out of You

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"You're educated, too, they say; can read and write. You think  you're better'n your father, now, don't you, because he can't? I'll take it out of you." (Twain 86)

I'm sure that father-son relationhips differ now from the time this book is being written, but still, Huck's dad is a bit harsh on him. You would  think that he would want to best for his son and to have him educated. But instead his dad believes that his son thinks he is better than him. Whether Huck actually thinks he is or not is really not the point, but if i were Huck, I would think that I was trying to live a better life than my dad. I mean, he's a mean guy who's drunk all the time. Of course Huck is going to look better than that! It's not like his dad set a high standard for his son to live by. So of course he may think he's better than his dad because really, anything in comparison is better.


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