In Search of an Original

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"Don't bother looking for the originals, though. You can't find the archetype, just as you can't find the pure myths." (Foster 191)

This quotation goes along with something I had blogged about about before concerning wholly original pieces of literature. I had questioned if everything came from Shakespeare or the Bible, where did they get their ideas? And the answer...who knows. It's kind of a disappointing answer, but I'll accept it mainly because of logic. It would be rather difficult to find the orgin of an idea, nearly impossible. Especially because stories may have started out orally and never written down. So I'll just accept the fact that there is no specific start of certain themes in literature. I guess if someone really really wants to know, they can trace story lines back and find some possible starting point.



Jennifer Prex said:

I agree. Some ideas have been around for so long, it would probably be impossible to find where they originated.

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