Make Sure You Talk To A Bee Before You Die?

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Emily Dickinson- VIII: I have not told my garden yet

This particular piece confused me very much. From my personal translation of the poe, she's not telling her garden or a bee or hillsides when she is going to die? Or is it rather she's just going somewhere and does what to tell anyone? Because there is a line that mentions "should have the face to die", which leads me to believe that she has a feeling when she is going to die. But why do you have a tell a bee you are going to leave? Do you think they would honestly care? Probably not.


Jennifer Prex said:

That's what I got from it too. In terms of why she would have to tell a bee, I don't necessarily think that was literal. I think maybe that was included simply because the bee is a part of the garden, since it would pollinate the flowers. Also, the garden is probably symbolic of something else.

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