Self-gratification or survival?

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"Huck's skills of play are productive only when used for survival, while Tom is able to dedicate his play skills entirely to the purpose of adventures and self-gratification." (Scott par. 6)

First of all, this whole critique kind of confused me. I was getting lost in the whole honor thing that he was trying to get across.

But the above quotation I think explains my frustration with Tom sometimes. When Huck plays a trick or decieves someone, it's generally to aid their adventure down the river and get Jim to freedom. When Huck does something crafty I kind of think "That was clever of him" and his journey with Jim down the river continues. Stealing food may be morally wrong, but they do need food to survive. On the other hand with Tom, I see exactly what Scott says in the quotation. Tom's tricks can be annoying and foolish. Granted, he knows that Jim is already free, but still. I feel like if he really wanted to put on a big show to free Jim, he could have been more serious. It would have made it more believible for the people around him.

I guess this goes along with any "adventure" though. Some are in it to do something that is good and makes a difference, while other are just concerned about themselves.


I touched on this in my blog too. :) Tom creates his adventures to live a life he wants, whereas Huck doesn't have to create adventures to live because his life his an adventure! Tom wants to live the way the authorities say to while Huck is just trying to get by.
It's very interesting that Tom works so hard to live a life that Huck already has.

Jessica Pierce said:

Tom definitely could have been more serious... but would he have stayed true to his character then? Tom's whole persona is based off of his perception of the world and what HE thinks should happen. His reality is based off of boyish fantasies, like creating a ridiculous scheme to free an already free slave.

I understand and shared your frustration. But, it was necessary for the work as a whole. It made the work very, very interesting.

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