Stealing...or Maybe Just Borrowing

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"Mornings, before daylight, I slipped into corn fields and borrowed a watermelon, or a mushmelon, or a punkin, or some new corn, or things of that kind." (Twain 125)

I thought it was funny that he didn't steal the food, he just "borrowed" it. Because you can give back food once you eat it, right? Right after that quotation, Huck said his Pap said it's OK to borrow, as long as you give back and the widow says the same same things as stealing. So to compensate, they dropped the crabapples and p'simmons (probably two fruits that are not common to the everyday person these days) off the raft so they wouldn't be "borrowing" them anymore. The funny thing is that they got rid of the things that were not good or they didn't like, not the good stuff. I thought that was funny. I love when people try to justify things that they know are wrong. In the long run though, after you read about all the lies Huck tells, stealing some produce is really nothing.


Jessica Pierce said:

Good point! I never really thought of that. You're right about his stealing as nothing... Huck really does lie a lot. I also found his justifications for wrongs interesting. Anything he did, he reasoned it out in his head and made it right somehow. Quite a skill, I must say. But we also must consider his background and morals. It doesn't seem like he has really had any instillation of the common rights and wrongs.. So maybe Huck's perception is a little off.

If we're considering his background, you have to talk about his dad too.
Especially since the morals the widow tried to teach him definitely didn't stick.
It was pretty entertaining that he didn't see it as stealing, simply borrowing :)

Jamie Grace said:

I thought the same thing. It's funny how he covers up his stealing with borrowing. If you look at it, he has to cover up a lot in his life. He was covered by Miss Watson cause his pap was the way he is. He had to cover himself up cause he is escaped. And there's even more.

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