Two Worlds Collide

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"On the other hand, a too rigid instance on the fictive world corresponding on all points to the world we know can be terribly limiting not only to our enjoyment but to our understanding of literary works." (Foster 228)

It's so hard to separate our world from the world in a literary work! I think that I have given up on reading so many books because I couldn't find anything meaningful in it to me because the setting of the book was a totally different world. For instance, in high school I could not for the life of me finish The Grapes of Wrath because I just could not get into the time period of the novel and what was happening at that time. Even The Scarlet Letter was a struggle for me because it was something I was unfamilar with.

On some level, I think it is very hard to separate a fictive world from the current world. It's hard to but yourself in a time or place that you are unfamilar with and get an understand from it. I think that some of the best writers are ones that can take you into a world that you know nothing about and make you want to be in the novel with them It makes it easier to define the world in the book from the world you know.

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