It's All Political

Foster suggests that literature tends to be written by people who care about the world, and most stories have apolitical element in them. This statement leads me to think about political themes in the Scarlett Letter such as individualism, conformity, justice and rights. All of these are present in the Scarlett Letter.


I also noticed Foster explaining a great deal about political and historical elements that hide within works. If one can catch these hidden ideas then it would be much easier to understand the author and his overall purpose for writing the piece.

When I read this section of the this chapter it made me think of books that not only have political elements but that are centered on politics and government systems in general. The example that came to mind was George Orwell's novel 1984 in which the idea of being ruled by a totalitarian government was brought forth in order to show the downfall of the individual being a subordinate of the state.

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