July 25, 2008

I still can't believe I can get paid to be a political nerd.

"Isn't is strange, the way things can change? The life that you lead turned on its head..."

In three weeks I begin my first full-time post-college job. I'm going to be a field representative for the College Republican National Committee. Essentially, I'm going to spend August to November driving around some as-yet-unassigned territory - hopefully in the northeast or the upper south, but nothing's guaranteed - helping out CR chapters and candidates wherever they may need help.

I'm excited, I'm terrified. I'm going to blog about the experience if they'll let me. It's going to be the adventure of a lifetime, It's going to be by far the longest stretch of time I'm ever gone without seeing my family. I start out in D.C. in mid-August learning everything that I don't know about grassroots politics and then I have a few days to finish getting my life in order and three months' worth of junk loaded into the back of my bumper-sticker-covered Ford.

This is not AT ALL what I expected.

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